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Welcome to regimp3!

What is regimp3?

regimp3 is a small utility which provides a maximized (full size) window for "The GIMP". Minimize and restore all GIMP windows with one click! Futhermore, your taskbar is uncluttered by excluding all GIMP panels and toolboxes from the taskbar.

What you need:
GIMP Version 1.3.x installed
How to use it:
Simply run regimp3. It will automatically start GIMP. After GIMP is closed regimp3 will close automatically. Do not expect too much: This application has still some flaws (mind the 0.1 version!) and is the first Linux app I have ever written. But it is quite useful for me, so I provide it here.
Only sources are provided at this time. Source code is still a mess (but there is hope for a future version):

DISCLAIMER: I give no guarantee whatsoever that this program works for you or that it won't harm your data. It might - though not very probable - even erase your harddisk. Check the source code for yourself if you want to make sure. With that caveat emptor out of the way here is the download link: (Version 0.1, GPL)

Feedback: always welcome. Please sent it to rgpublic (you know, that curly thing...)